Design Projects

Design of multi-vehicle tractor-VITO


The objective of this project was to design the appearance of multi-vehicle. In the development process of the project had to offer and the overall concept for the location of the engines, components and assemblies. But the most valuable conceptual idea suggested was that to design a rotating cabin. The second important point was that the position of the passenger compartment. The idea that it is in the front, completely changed the vision of this vehicle. Through this unusual tractor, positioning the cab, and increase the functionality of the tractor. Visibility is increased and thus provides easy handling of the machine in forward or perform complex maneuvers.  The above options to transform, show that this type of tractor can be operated year-round in more types of agricultural and transport activities.This ensures that its purchase will be a wise investment.


I should point out that the task was to design the appearance of multi tractor. But we have to solve the problems associated with disposal of conceptual engine actuators and other support units. The only turnkey solution, it was that the engines will have two, and they will drive the tractor through two separate and distinct drive systems operating individually or together.

The principle of operation is the first engine will power the rear-wheel drive through Rotary piston pumps and drive motors hidroobemni. This drive will be mainly driven tractor. The second engine will power the rear-wheel drive through a five-speed planetary gearbox. The second drive will be used where necessary than doubled in severe power-selskostopanoki work. This idea to drive two motors will provide very precise maneuvering, smooth starting, precise speed control, stepless, high power and heavy loads for long. The basic principle of operation is as follows: Engine 1 by hydrotransmission, smoothly tractor driven (forward or back- hydrotransmission is reversible), and ensures smooth handling, steering, starting and brake. Tractor is complete and with this drive system. But naturally with less power. When you need a high power-plowing-in includes a second engine that delivers its torque parallel to the drive wheels and provides reserve power for the busiest modes of operation of the tractor.



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