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My business offer to you:

Here you can see what kind of creative and engineering problems I can solve. I will showcase all my skills through visual examples of my creative practice. I will also describe my strengths in the field of engineering design. I wish you pleasant viewing. You will find my essence as a designer and constructor.

Situation: You have to solve a technical problem, which is often associated with a pure design problem. My offer- hire me to solve this engineering problem. Responsibilities: I immediately start a detail study of the existing situation. Explore all efforts, made by you to solve the particular technical problem. I note in which direction is best to continue the study. I begin a detailed study of how they solved a similar problems. I generate a plan for solving this particular task. Ususaly I start with virtual experiments to reach a workable solution. Then we proceed to the construction of a prototype. The next step is to make final minor changes if it necessary. Then start a real production.

Here is an example: My prime contractor tasked me to create advanced dispenser for washing powder.

Requirements were- do not hold the material at work, it can easily be disassembledand, and to be lighter than the existing.

So I began to perform my assignment in the above described model. This is the solution I achieved in.

wp 1















This is a whole packing machine. It was designed by me. Then it has been produced under my control. It is tested and works fine.

wp 2









Here you can see an complicated dispenser for washing powder.

wp 3















And here I demonstrate how detailed have to be designed and modeled virtually every detail.
wp 4



As you can see in the complete design of packaging machines requires a very high level of proficiency in software design. The degree of complexity of the work is extremely high. Often the number of molded parts is above 200-300. I work alone ...

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